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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is to first and for most do the will of God, and to bring persons which are lost to know Him as their personal Savior, bring those that are last to become participants to all that He will allow, regardless what your position would be you need to know that you are His and He wants you to understand that wisdom belongs to you....

Ephesians 1:17-18

About Omega Ministries Mississippi

Omega Ministries began in 2003 for the purpose of just having conferences and pulling individuals off the street, going into prisons all over the state of Mississippi, trying to allow them to understand the revelation knowledge of God, as time would have it in 2007 God called us to begin a worship experience behind a wall, to be a congregation, so we have done ministry in and out of the walled up area and through the streets of Jackson, with this we have helped in homeless shelters, feeding those in need as well as clothing those without, we’ve done counseling for marriages that were in trouble and have brought families back together, because we understand the need and the importance of family and family life, the importance of preparing the whole Man to move his family to the next level, we have prepared the woman or wife to be that helpmate regardless of what others would put in their way, so in short Omega is an end-time ministry for a people that have been counted out by society but not by God.....


Jeff Weathersby

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